5 Fabulous Ideas for New Year’s Eve Party Games


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    Are you planning for a house party this new year’s eve including some games in it? It would be a wonderful idea for sure. Having games in your house party would be a great way, in fact, to make your party a rage.

    Fun without games seems to be a tab bit incomplete when it comes to celebrations.  Celebrate this new year’s eve house party with these fabulous games and have your party become the talk of the town:

    1. Bingo and Pictionary: Simply print and play, the perfect, ready-to-go, no-prep game is Bingo. Suitable for all age groups, bingo multiplies the party spirit. You can combine this game with the ridiculously fun game of Pictionary. Have your guests pick up a word and try to express it by drawing pictures. One has to guess the right word through the pictures drawn. Your guests are sure to have a blast playing these games

    2. 20 questions: A very popular guessing game which instantly boosts up the intellect and engages everyone is the 20 questions game. You need to guess the name of the person, thing, animal, or it could be anything under the sun (thought by a person) by asking 20 specific questions. If you are looking for a little laid back fun activity, then this is just the right one for you.

    3. New Year charades: You have played dumb charades a lot, for sure. This game is exactly the same. You need to make a few chits with words on them. Keep them in a bowl and have them picked up randomly. The challenge is to act out the words and have people guess the word. Come up with two or three teams and have a collaborative fun-filled game night.

    4. Two Truths and a Lie: Play this game at your party and have a good time bonding with everyone. This game basically is a classic game of identifying which is the true statement and which is the lie the person has made up. It is a whole lot of fun and helps in getting to know each other even better, strengthens the bond.

    5. Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt: You can have an amazing time by playing this game. Hide different items in your house and make the guests team up to search for the said items. Rekindle the child in you and make some awesome memories by playing this game. It is an exciting game choice for your house party.

    Get into the festive spirit, don your party hat and ring in this new year with great gusto.

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