Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni lashes out at Rakhi Sawant, Sonali Phogat confesses liking him! | Television News


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    Mumbai: Television actor Aly Goni had a tough time dealing with ‘good friend’ Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction from Bigg Boss 14 house. Later we saw him lash out at Rakhi Sawant for praying for their separation. 

    In fact, he even asked “Bigg Boss” that why is he not showing Rakhi’s ugly side. It’s a different thing to be entertaining, but one should know where to draw a line before it starts to hurt someone. He reminded her about the incident where she tried to pull Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti and said that she can’t hurt others in the name of entertainment.

    In a recent episode, we saw that Arshi Khan asked Sonali to play the stare game with Eijaz Khan and Aly, to this Sonali said that she can do it with the former but not with the latter. Though Aly insisted her to make eye contact, she kept blushing and refused. Later she was seen telling Arshi that she shouldn’t be doing all this, but something has changed in her. The next day, she was seen discussing this with Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Vaidya and Arshi and Rakhi told her that it’s ok to feel something for someone as it will help her look at things differently. To which Sonali agreed. Later we see Rahul singing “Teri aankhon ke siwa” for Sonali and Aly and the duo is dancing to the song.

    In an unseen clip, Aly is heard telling Sonali that it’s ok that she shared her feelings but he feels nothing for anyone other than Jasmin. He also asked her to be normal because he is not someone who will question her feelings or will call it dirty.

    This shows that Aly is not someone who will make relationships just for the game. Be it his relationship with Rahul or Jasmin or even Arshi, he has always said it out loud what he feels for them, and he is not someone to keep quiet even if they are not right.


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