Bigg Boss 14 Jan 12 LIVE UPDATES: Rakhi cries after contestants gang up against, Aly blames her for Jasmin’s eviction


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    Bigg Boss 14

    Bigg Boss 14 Jan 12 LIVE UPDATES

    Contestant Rakhi Sawant, who has become the new captain in Bigg Boss 14 house, is having a hard time getting things done from the co-contestants. Rakhi became the captain after the majority of family ones of the housemates voted for her during their visit to the house. And now, the housemates will be seen ganging up against her as they stubbornly refused to perform all the household duties assigned to him. On the other hand, Aly Goni will blame Rakhi of getting Jasmin Bhasin out of the house. He will also be seen cursing her and saying, “Aapne mera dil todda hai na, uska sabak aapko miley.”

    Bigg Boss 14 January 12 LIVE UPDATES: 

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