Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Rubina Dilaik enraged after Sonali Phogat hurls abuses at her


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    Rubina Dilaik, Sonali Phogat

    Rubina Dilaik enraged after Sonali Phogat hurls abuses at her

    In today’s episode of Salman Khan‘s hosted Bigg Boss 14, a huge fight will be erupted between contestants Rubina Dilaik and Sonali Phogat wherein the latter would be seen hurling abuses at the former. Even Sonali’s daughter was dragged into the heated argument after she used an abusive word for the ‘Shakti’ actress. The promo video dropped for Friday’s episode shows Rubina getting offended at the abusive language being used by Sonali for a contestant whom she claimed to have destroyed her name. 

    Sonali says “Jisne mera naam todha hai, uski auakat nhi hai mere saamne ladhne ki,” with an abuse. Rubina then intervenes as Sonali uses abusive language. The latter warns the actress not to speak in between the conversation. To this, Rubina seemed irked and said that she did and questioned her abuse. Sonali added that the abuse was not for her.

    Then the two get into a heated argument, which raises the temperature in the house again. Sonali did not name anyone while using the abusive word, but Rubina, who is extremely offended, yelled at her, criticising the use of abusive word. Sonali exclaims and threatens Rubina of some extreme consequences if she struck off her name during a task. Further, Nikki Tamboli is also seen getting furious at Sonali and saying, “Do chaate laga ke dungi.” 

    Rubina questions Sonali if she would say such things to her own daughter “Khud ki beti hain, bolegi usko? Kaisi maa hain fir?”

    In the clip, Rubina can be seen in full rage, removing her jacket and further charging towards Sonali. The altercation gets fierce as Sonali says, “Mitti mein mila dungi.” 

    Dropping the video, ColorsTV wrote, “#SonaliPhogat ki kis baat se @rubinadilaik huyi tang, jiski wajah se dono ke beech shuru huyi shabdon ki jung?”

    Check out the video here:

    Meanwhile, another promo shows all the contestants being called out by Bigg Boss for breaking rules during the tasks. Bigg Boss announces that now there won’t be any immunity and captaincy task. “Niyam ullanghan ab ek achievement jaisa ho gaya hai.” 

    Now, the contestants will no longer have immunity tasks, captaincy tasks, and the ration will also be limited. Bigg Boss said that the contestants will have to earn their own food and groceries. The statement left all the housemates in shock.

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