Five Innovative House Party Home Décor Ideas


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    As they say, when life gives lemons, make lemonade; now that we all are facing the pandemic situation, why not make the most of this by having a house party this winter!

    Throwing a house party is the best way to spread the cheer and be merry in the midst of your near and dear ones, creating some great memories.

    Channelize your creative energy as we present to you with 5 fabulous décor ideas for a house party:

    1. Spruce up your party with bright colours: Have vibrant coloured, aromatic candles strategically placed in the rooms. Arrange the candles of different sizes and shapes in various cute candle stands, and disperse them in food counter, at the side of the entrance, to add zing to your party décor. If you want you can make candles on your own as well, to add that personalized touch to the décor. You can find many DIY homemade candle ideas online. Hang ribbons made of marble paper, or brown paper bags, balloons, and have the party area look vibrant and radiant.

    2. Monochromatic party décor: You can create a soft, warm ambience by opting for monochromatic home décor for party. White looks royal and elegant giving the entire look a classy touch. Satin curtains, sofa covers, flowers, napkins, table runners, cushion covers, table cloths, crockery – all in white would make a unique, impressive colour scheme for your house party.

    3. Mix and match: For those who wish to have fun with a combination of different patterns in items, can go for a mix and match look for their décor. Use abstract paintings, statues, furniture- add a boho touch to the ambience. Layout an interesting mix of tableware. Don’t burden yourself with the idea of looking for dinnerware of the same type.

    4. Photo collages: Ramp up your house party by putting up photo collages of your invited guests around the house. You can also have photo vases arranged in the party area, or keep some curated photo albums in the sitting area so that guests can enjoy the food and flip through memories at the same time.

    5. Casual, easy-going, natural vibe: Throwing a party should be as much fun as being invited in a party. So, stop taking any stress about the décor, and go with the casual, natural look. Simplicity is often the best way to make guests feel at home and ensure that they are enjoying the party. Layout some cushions, magazines on the floor on a nice soft rug around the center table. Place some wildflowers, leaves, twigs to create au natural look. Have finger foods, drinks for your guests, turn on music and have a good time.

    Go ahead and have a great house party this winter.

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