Get Rid of Hangover With these 5 Food Items


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    Had a raging party last night and the next day you woke up with a headache?

    Well, feeling thirsty, dizzy could be a common scenario for many, after too much of alcohol consumption. Hangover makes one nauseous, fatigued, meddles with motor movements, might cause diarrhoea, muscle aches. However, what’s there to worry when we have our food ready to combat the hangovers.

    Here is a list of some amazing food items that you can have to get rid of hangovers:

    Banana and oats:

    After having being dehydrated, it is important to supply the body with some nutrient-rich foods such as bananas to get the body up and running. Bananas contain potassium, sodium which enables the body to start replenishing the lost water due to alcohol consumption.

    Potassium is needed to restore the body’s electrolyte balance and ease the muscle movements.

    Mix banana with oats to get greater benefits as the latter comprises carbohydrates that will energize you and soothe the exhaustion.

    Eggs and avocado:

    Vitamin B12 is responsible for energizing the body and eggs are an excellent source of it. The amino acid, cysteine reacts with the body when consumed to release antioxidant glutathione. While alcohol reduces glutathione, eggs increase it and work wonders to treat hangovers.

    Avocados are also great to restore the water balance in the body and shield it against liver damage.

    Spinach: Loaded with vitamins, minerals, iron, folate, spinach is an excellent hangover treating food.

    Asparagus, honey, nuts: Certain compounds present in asparagus aid in the secretion of enzymes which aid in breaking down alcohol and protect the liver from harmful effects. So, do eat asparagus after or before the hangover.

    Filled with antioxidants, fructose honey aids in getting rid of the remaining alcohol from the stomach.

    Likewise, nuts are great to deal with hangovers as they are rich in potassium, magnesium. Almonds, walnuts could be taken, hence.

    Coconut water: Dehydration is the main thing that one suffers hangover. So, yet another great source of electrolyte, coconut water beats hangover easily. 1 glass of coconut water (240 ml) comprises sodium, potassium- adequate enough to bring you out of your hangover.

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