Health Benefits of Eating an Orange


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    It’s the season of oranges and we see them in loads along the roads and in fruit markets. Oranges are loved as a fruit as they are tasty, juicy and easy to eat. They are quite handy during journeys as well because there is no cutting and chopping involved.

    While an orange is convenient as a fruit it is also highly nutritious and an effective immunity booster. Its rich Vitamin C content is a boon for those with weak immune system. Other than that an orange is also rich in antioxidants and minerals which are extremely essential for a healthy body.

    Let us discuss the further health benefits that eating an orange can provide you with:

    A Healthy Heart

    Considering lifestyle now-a-days, heart diseases are becoming pretty common. Studies show that the percentage of people under 30 suffering a heart attack is increasing rapidly. Thus, it becomes essential to take good care of your heart and it can be as easy as having small quantities of orange juice on a daily basis. The flavonoids present in oranges reduce the risk of heart diseases, so researchers suggest a regular intake of orange juice.

    Prevent Kidney Stone

    Kidney is yet another organ which is increasingly at risk with diseases like Kidney Stone at an increase among youth and adults. Oranges, being a rich source of citric acid and citrates, play an important role in the prevention of kidney stone formation.

    Keeps Anaemia away

    Anaemia is caused due to deficiency of iron. Although oranges are not a premium source of iron, they are rich in ascorbic acid and citric acid, which enhance the absorption of iron during the process of digestion. Thus, oranges, consumed along with iron-rich foods help in preventing anaemia.

    In conclusion, oranges fall among very healthy fruits with hardly any bad effects. In fact, even if you have a sore throat, oranges can be helpful as they are rich in Vitamin C. So make it a habit to consume them on a daily basis.

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