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    Sonii says that he knew he was gambling but his wife Juhi Babbar‘s support made it relatively easier. Annup shares, “A TV show, of which you are an integral part, offers you regular income unlike films and web shows. ‘Crime Patrol‘ went on to become a hit show and clocked a decade of air-time and I was a part of it from its early days. But my wife (Juhi Babbar) understood my predicament, which in turn only went on to strengthen my decision.”

    And the gamble has paid off. John Abrahan starrer ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ is a big-ticket for Sonii, wherein he plays a cop. “I am wearing a cop’s uniform after 15 years, imagine!” he says happily. Add this to ‘Class of 83’, ‘Tandav’, an independent film ‘Kabeer’, ‘War Story 1962’. “The industry has welcomed me after I expressed to some producers and directors that I am up for a new challenge. It is very exciting to play different avatars. It sort of began when Ekta Kapoor offered me ‘Test Case’ in 2017,” said the actor. Soni goes on to explain that shooting in different mediums can be daunting but his formal training in acting at the age of 22 has helped him enormously, “TV condenses your frames, body language and expressions. On the other hand, movies and web shows are a different story. However, I am a trained actor and I easily adapt to all the mediums of acting.”

    Sonii, whose life has changed from the monotonous way of shooting the same show, further says, “It is very important that you enjoy your work. It wasn’t that I was not enjoying ‘Crime Patrol’. Earlier, I used to allocate 20 days per month to this show but now I just could not because I had started getting other offers which required meetings and shootings to be done on the dot,” and then adds, “But I understand. ‘Crime Patrol’ is a daily show and it was not easy for them to work around me and keep a bank of scripts ready in one go.”

    Moving on from the TV space, Annup, who is also doing a thriller titled ‘Raat Baaki Hai’ with Paoli Dam, shares, “I am really enjoying this new phase of my life. I would love to do roles like Manoj Bajpayee in ‘Family Man’. 2021 promises challenges for me and I am up for them.” He further adds, “All said and done, the storytelling has changed and there is a lot more and better work out there than before. Think of it, these are exciting times for every actor worth his salt.”

    Fans of ‘Crime Patrol’ might be disappointed but they can take heart from Sonii’s concluding statement to us, “I won’t mind doing a few episodes of ‘Crime Patrol’ at a later date if I am required and I don’t have date issues.” Note well, Sonii is starkly identified on the streets as someone who kick-started almost every episode of ‘Crime Patrol’ with his signature mark of his index finger pointing at the viewer- but he is quite sure that the day is not far when his new innings as an actor would give him equal recognition, courtesy his recent and future assignments.

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