Master box office collection Day 6: Vijay film is unstoppable


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    Thaplathy Vijay’s latest movie Master is doing a solid job in reviving the box office business in the country, which has been in a coma for the last 10 months. Despite releasing during the pandemic and several challenges, Master is keeping the cash registers ringing across the world.

    Even as the producers have not shared official box office figures, it is believed that the film has collected Rs 150 crore from its ticket sales around the world in its first six days. The film is said to have made a gross collection of about Rs 130 crore from the domestic box office, while it has added over Rs 20 crore from the international markets.

    On Monday, producers claimed that Master has become the top grossing movie globally. It is rumoured that the film has even collected more than the Chinese romantic drama A Little Red Flower during the same period overseas.

    If the reported box office numbers hold true, Master has pulled nothing short of a miracle. The Indian film exhibition business took a major hit with the COVID-induced disruption, which kept the theatres shut for about 10 months. The stakeholders were praying for a stimulus that will bring the public to the box office counters again. And Master seems to have lifted the gloom at the ticket counters by exceeding the expectations in terms of ticket sales.

    “Master is the first big scale, potential blockbuster film releasing after the lockdown. I think if this movie really does well, a lot of producers will be encouraged to start releasing their big films. So at some level, the entire entertainment industry of this country is rooting for Master to do well and heat up the engines of the industry,” film exhibitor Akshaye Rathi had told earlier.

    Master released on January 13 during Pongal holiday with COVID-19 safety protocols, including 50 per cent cap on theatre occupancy.

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