Painful to hear ‘pay or we’ll destroy you’: Vikas Khanna agrees with Kangana Ranaut, says experienced favouritism and nepotism first hand | People News


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    New Delhi: Renowned chef Vikas Khanna on Sunday (January 17, 2021) expressed that it’s painful to hear ‘pay or we’ll destroy you’ and said that he has today ‘experienced favouritism and nepotism first hand’.

    Vikas took to his official Twitter account and said, “When I used to hear Kangana Ranaut speak ab this issue of critics & favoritism & nepotism it used to hurt my heart. But today I experience it first hand.”

    He added, “Minions won’t let outsiders enter even if they put their heart & soul in craft. It’s painful to hear “Pay or we’ll destroy you”.”

    When another person replied to the tweet and said that if these people can attempt to pull down a popular, successful and talented person like you, can’t even image what new comers in many such situations must be facing, Vikas said, “This is what breaks my heart. I can endure a lot because I have your support. But for new comers it is very very tough due to these minions.”

    Notably, Vikas Khanna has come up with his debut directorial ‘The Last Color’, which is based on his book by the same name.

    On a similar note, he also urged the audience to watch this film and wrote: “While many critics are asking for money or they will give me 2 Stars or destroy my movie or not give me AWARDS, I ONLY care for my viewers and not reviewers. My Award is YOUR love. Pls watch #TheLastColor on Amazon Prime.”

    Several noted faces have come up in the past few years and spoken about nepotism and favoritism in the film industry. 

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