Pamper Yourself with These Easy Skincare Tips This New Year


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    You have been working quite hard the entire year, and so has your skin! May be it’s time to take a break and pamper yourself with some amazing skincare tips.

    We have a list of things you can do to rejuvenate your tired skin…

    Book a facial spa

    Let luxury step in when it comes to pampering yourself. Book yourself a nice facial spa at a salon near you and let the experts treat you well. Sit back and relax as the beauty experts work on your skin, massage it and cleanse it taking away all the stress. You are surely coming out more radiant than ever!

    Make it a body scrub day

    How long since you took a long relaxing shower? Well, do it now… Use a nice fragrant scrub for your body and a suitable one for your face as well. Spend ample time and let your skin breathe afresh.

    Go all natural

    Remember how our grandmothers used to talk about natural beauty tips? May be it’s time to try some! Right from honey, gram flour and green tea to fruit peels like banana and papaya, use anything you like for your skin for a glow.

    Use a face mask

    If you’re too lazy to go through a lot of skincare steps, just pick a face mask of any brand you rely upon and use it. The results can be really surprising!

    Imbibe the winter sun

    Many of you may not like this but imbibing the winter sun sometimes works wonders for your skin. Just pick an hour in the morning when the sun is not too hot, take a sunbath and let your skin absorb the most-required Vitamin D. Do not forget to apply a sunscreen on your face to avoid tanning!

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