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    Following the news that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have broken-up after only under a year of dating, a cut-out of Ana was found discarded in the trash outside Affleck’s California home.

    While things sound amicable between the now-exes, the trash at Affleck’s home painted a slightly more awkward picture than what was visible.

    According to a report, in the photos published by a newspaper, a landscaper discarded a cut-out of the actor in a garbage can outside Affleck’s Brentwood, California residence.

    This is not the first time that the cut-out of de Armas has been spotted. In June 2020, it was snapped by paparazzi after a prankster apparently left it outside the Oscar winner’s house.

    While it’s unclear as to why the two went their separate ways before the one-year anniversary mark, but as per the report, de Armas travelled to her native land, Cuba without Affleck for the holidays.

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