Savannah Welch is Titans’ Barbara Gordon


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    Savannah Welch has joined the cast of DC’s TV series Titans as Barbara Gordon, Variety reported. Savannah is a relatively little known name and has been a part of films like Boyhood and The Tree of Life as well as TV shows like Six.

    First appearing in 1967, Barbara is the daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon, and has held the mantle of Batgirl.

    She was paralysed by Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke and subsequently adopted the identity of Oracle, a hacker and technical advisor assisting other superheroes. She later returned as Batgirl in The New 52 event.

    As Batgirl, Barbara has capabilities matching that of Batman, including genius level intellect, combat skills, high-end gadgets and equipment and so on.

    Developed by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti, Titans is based on the superhero team of the same name in DC Comics. The team is made up of Dick Grayson or Robin, Koriand’r or Kory Anders or Starfire, Rachel Roth or Raven, Garfield Logan or Beast Boy.

    Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Curran Walters, Conor Leslie, Minka Kelly, Alan Ritchson, Esai Morales, among others star in Titans.

    So far, two seasons of Titans have aired. The filming on the third season is currently underway.

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