Smartphone Safety Tips for Teens and Parents


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    With the rise in cyber frauds, it is natural to be worried about tech security. This is more so, if you have teens as maiden users of smartphones.

    No matter what age group you belong to, handling smart phones in these fast-paced, technologically advanced times needs care and guidance owing to the rampant cybercrime threats. Teens and parents, alike, need to be acquainted with precautions so that they don’t fall prey to widespread cyber frauds.

    So, we present to you some of the precautionary tips to prevent falling victims of such untoward cybercrimes.

    Here are few mandatory safety measures to be followed by teens and parents:

    Pin is crucial:

    Parents need to talk to teens about the importance of securing their smartphones by the use of passwords. They must lock their smartphones. Make them use strong passwords to ensure that their device is not easily accessible by anyone and everyone. Also, teach them to use a variety of passwords. This will prevent hacking. Set up 2-factor authentication, if possible.

    Limit GPS use:

    Ask teens to not keep their GPS turned on at all times. Discuss with them on when and where they should share their location.

    Use of cover:

    Ensure a sturdy mobile cover for their smartphones. This will prevent damage as well as help them to be discreet, by not drawing unnecessary attention; risking theft.

    No oversharing of private information:

    They shouldn’t share their addresses, private photos, mobile numbers with strangers, random subscription services Instruct them to exercise control on what they share and where and with whom. Bank pins, OTPs, passwords are not meant to be shared with friends. Also, ensure that they log out of apps which contain confidential information, like banks.

    Control Privacy settings:

    Let teens know that the privacy settings can be adjusted. They ought to be careful about when to turn on and off their sharing details for every app they use.

    Perform routine privacy check-ups online: To ensure safe internet browsing, do review posts, friend list online

    Careful charging:

    Safety must be ensured in an overall fashion. Apart from cyber threats, physical protection is also imperative when it comes to smartphones. Make it a norm to charge phones away from the bedrooms. Teens must not charge the phones beneath the pillow or on the bed while sleeping or chilling. Set up a charging station near the bathroom, kitchen instead.

    So, introduce teens to smartphones with proper guidance and enable them to adhere to tech safety; avert cyberbullying.

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