The Weeknd Freaks Out Fans with This ‘Botox-filled’ Selfie on Instagram


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    Canadian pop singer The Weeknd freaked out his followers after he posted a Botox-rich selfie of himself on his Instagram handle on Tuesday. The picture shows The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, with some serious modifications on his face. The look was first unveiled in his music video for the song Save Your Tears that came out on January 5, 2021.

    Captioning his recent prosthetic look selfie, Abel wrote, “Hello Ken, where’s Barbie.” The post has received over 2.5 million views. Fans have shared their reactions to The Weeknd’s prosthetics that were used for his recent music video on his Instagram post.

    In the video, Abel removes the bloodied bandages to reveal a botched-up face full of botox, fillers and plastic surgery. The music video shows The Weeknd in his red sparkly jacket and black pants, an outfit that has become quite symbolic of him since his studio album After Hours came out last year.

    One fan commented, “this creeped me out lol,” while some fans compared Abel’s latest look to SpongeBob Square Pants character Squidward. Another user wrote, “’Can’t feel my face’ hittin a lil different lmaooo.”

    Some fans also compared Abel to the Kardashians who are known to have undergone multiple plastic surgeries and botox fillers to enhance their look. “Abel Kardashian,” wrote one user. Internet celebrity Sebastian Moy wrote, “thought I was trippin.”

    The music video for the song Save Your Tears has even prompted a few The Weeknd fans to speculate that it is a diss track from the 30-year-old artist to the Grammys. The Weeknd did not receive any nomination for the 2021 Grammy Awards even though some of his tracks topped the charts in 2020 like Blinding Lights.

    One Twitter thread explained that The Weeknd’s recent music video shows him with a chiselled face performing around people with masks who represent celebrities and fellow music artists. The tweet further explained that it is a diss to the Grammys as Abel also throws a trophy away in the video.

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