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    COVID-19 outbreak has displayed unusual circumstances before the fragile tourism and travelling industry. The highly infectious novel coronavirus remains to stop the sector and puts tough questions about its present and future survival. The study critically addresses prominent strains in the light of the existing arguments from the literature and reflects on implications for the decision-makers. The study’s significant assumptions are defining themes adding to the evolving theory on COVID-19 pandemic and tourism & travelling industry.

    Sarthak Sharma, at the age of 20, ascertained to change the correct way of a halt and go system of Auto Rickshaw in India. Sarthak Sharma and Kushagra Kumar’s founded AutoForSure aims to transform the transport and travel industry. Particularly from paying due attention to women passenger safety, AutoForSure also indicates generating employment for the unemployed drivers, who were severely affected by the pandemic. AutoForSure help users to find nearby auto-rickshaw or a taxi on their location. The application already been in the favourites of thousands of people, making their day as efficient as ever. We had a chance to get to know Sarthak Sharma, founder of AutoForSure. He says that one of the things he loves about his job is that it allows him to deliver services that are so important to such a large percentage of India’s population — something extremely humbling responsibility. He assumes in keeping himself up-to-date with the industry to advise and guide his co-workers, create business approaches, and find compelling solutions to daily challenges.

    Sarthak Sharma says, “Digital India movement has led many technology-deprived users to opt for cashless payments, and have been a boon for their day to day business. We strive to implement digital payments option for all the drivers amid COVID-19 which will eventually promote fewer cash transactions.”

    Kushagra Kumar says, “We are very much inclined to our work ethics. We focus on solving the problem on customer experience topics. We don’t lose sleep over financials etc but customer complaints. In the year 2021, we plan to expand AutoForSure to all the metropolitan cities.”

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