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    New Delhi: India has expressed its “deep concern” at the targeted assassination of Afghan journalists and civil society members, calling it “contrary to the spirit of the peace process”.

    In response to a question at the weekly presser by the spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs Anurag Srivastava said, “The targeted killing of journalists and civil society members, aimed at suppressing the freedom of expression and informed discussion on critical issues related to peace and governance, is of deep concern.”

    As many as five journalists have been killed in Afghanistan so far, the latest being Bismillah Aimaq in the central province of Ghor. Other journalists who have been killed are Rahmatullah Nekzad, Malala Maiwand, Yama Siawash and Aliyas Dayee.

    Calling an “immediate stop” to these killings, MEA said, “people of Afghanistan long for a peaceful future”. During the response, India reiterated the call for an “immediate and comprehensive ceasefire” that “will lay the ground for a meaningful peace process to establish a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Afghanistan.”

    India has been calling for an “afghan led afghan owned afghan controlled” peace process, even as it has been providing support to the country in terms of capacity building, infrastructure projects. Last year, India was present at both the US-Taliban agreement and the start of the Taliban-Afghan govt talks. 

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