India’s youngest organ donor at 20 months, Dhanishtha saves five lives in her death | Delhi News


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    New Delhi: All of 20-months, Dhanishtha became the youngest cadaver donor of India, hailing from New Delhi’s Rohini, the infant was left in a comatose state after she fell from a balcony at her home.

    She was brought to Ganga Ram Hospital on January 8 in an unconscious state. After she was declared brain dead on January 11, her family decided to donate all her functional organs and have now saved the lives of five patients, the hospital informed in a press statement. 

    The child’s heart, liver, and both kidneys and corneas were retrieved successfully at the hospital and used in five patients. All her other organs were in excellent condition.

    Inspite of the irreparable loss, her parents, Ashish Kumar and Babita, decided to donate Dhanishtha’s organs to inspire others to come forward and save lives.

    Ashish Kumar said: “During our stay at the hospital, we met many patients who were in dire need of organs. Though we lost our child, our daughter will continue to live, and in the process, improve the quality of life of the needy patients.”

    DS Rana, chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said: “This noble act by the family is really praiseworthy and should motivate others. At 0.26 per million, India has the lowest rate of organ donation. On an average, five lakh Indians die every year due to lack of organs.”

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