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    Chennai: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President JP Nadda on Thursday (January 14) hailed Tamil Nadu as a state where he saw cooperative federalism working well and where the Central government’s schemes were benefiting the lesser fortunate sections. 

    JP Nadda was in Chennai to attend the `Namma Ooru Pongal Vizha’ (our city’s Pongal festival), organized by the state BJP unit, as a special guest at the 51st-anniversary function of Thuglak magazine.

    Clad in Tamil Nadu’s traditional White dhoti, white shirt, and Angavastram, the BJP President hailed the culture and traditions of the state and also mentioned how the state was home to the oldest language. 

    During his speeches, Nadda referred to the poet-saint Tiruvalluvar and the legacy of Hindu ethos established by various saints in the holy land of Tamil Nadu. He said the state had famous Kings and empires like the Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas, and Pallavas who contributed immensely to its development.

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    Commending the Thuglak magazine and its leadership for having entered the 51st year, Nadda said the magazine was known for its righteousness, wit, humour, and political punch, adding that the readership and admirers of Thuglak were global. 

    He said, “Thuglak and its founder (Late Cho Ramaswamy) are synonymous. I had met Cho when I was a student leader. I am happy that S Gurumurthy has taken over the legacy from Cho and stepped in for an unachievable task.” 

    The BJP President said the 13th Finance Commission during the UPA rule had given only Rs 94,000 crore for Tamil Nadu, whereas the 14th Finance Commission under Modi’s rule has given about Rs 5,42,000 crore.

    Nadda said the people of the state have benefitted immensely under various Central government schemes like the Jan Dhan Yojana (94 lakh people from Tamil Nadu joined the scheme), about 30 lakh gas connections for the poor, 36 lakh LED bulbs distributed in the state, nearly Rs 50,000 crore distributed under Mudra loan, sanctioning of AIIMS hospital and 11 medical colleges for the state among others.

    Pointing out the manner in which the financial component of the Modi government’s schemes were directly credited into the bank accounts of beneficiaries, the BJP chief said the BJP’s pro-poor stance was fetching poll wins across the country. 

    Nadda also added that mainstreaming of the BJP was the need of the hour in Tamil Nadu. 

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